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Fast feedback for web projects

Pastel is the easiest way for designers and developers to collect feedback on what they’re building

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How it works

Enter any website and create a Pastel canvas link to share with anyone

Your clients and team members can open the link, then click to type their feedback. No login. No installing.


See everyone's feedback in one place in real time with screenshots and browser metadata. Easily export and resolve comments.

Reduce emails and meetings

One simple price per month to get started with Pastel

“Our workflow is more cohesive, streamlined and user-friendly with Pastel, and setting it up requires almost no effort. The best part is that Pastel doesn't try to take over our current process, it stays out of the way while doing a great job of augmenting our interactions with our customers.”

Jon Leckie, Big Tuna Web
Unlimited canvases
Unlimited collaborators
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“Pastel is the best tool I've found to bring Designers, Product Managers, and Engineers together in real time in a live environment. It is an amazing way to organize feedback and comments in a visual way that can be reacted to and translated into action.”

Antoine Grant, Baker's Cousin